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Commercial Kitchen Gas Interlock Supply & Installation

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We suppy, install and maintain commercial kitchen gas interlock systems thoughout North Wales, Chester and Liverpool areas.

Our experienced commercial gas safe engineers can repair and install every type of commercial kitchen gas interlock system. We offer advice and can provide a free quotation call us today on 01745 798390 for a quote or to book a site visit.

Gas interlocks are a legal requirement for commercial kitchens fitted out since 2001. They check that the ventilation is working.

You need to have a gas interlock system fitted in all new commercial kitchens with a gas appliance. Older kitchens without a gas interlock system must have one fitted when carrying out major refits. If you install a new canopy, replace gas appliances or alterations to the gas pipework.


There are two methods that gas interlocks can use. Air pressure differential switches fitted in the ducting; this method physically checks for airflow before allowing the gas solenoid valve to open. Modern method for gas interlocks uses current monitors to check the power supply going to the fans and control the gas solenoid valve accordingly. If the fans fail or when turned off the gas solenoid valve will automatically close.

Energy saving gas interlock systems are ideal for those looking to reduce the energy used during cooking.

For advice and a free quote contact us today on 01745 798390. Or for a quick quote fill out the form below.

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