Commercial Catering Engineers recognise Customer's needs for fast response times to repair any catering appliance that becomes faulty. 


Our engineers arrive fully equipped to get your catering equipment back into production in the shortest time possible. With our comprehensive vehicle stocks, most breakdowns can be rectified in one visit.  

Covering North Wales, Chester, Wrexham and the Wirral.

Downtime is a major consideration for any appliance led business. Facility inactivity due to mechanical failure can prove costly - from loss of income to a loss of confidence from established clients. Then, of course, there is the cost of the actual repairs themselves which could prove to be high due to a lack of adequate preventative maintenance measures which may well have averted the failure in the first place.

Planned Maintenance/Servicing

Whether your equipment is purchased through us or not our installation team is here to help, from the installation of a 'one off' item right through to a fully installed commercial kitchen.

Dishwashers – undercounter/hood/pot wash/conveyer and Glasswashers

Combi Ovens




Pizza Ovens


Commercial Microwaves

Water Boilers

And  Much More

Here are some of the commercial catering equipment we repair and maintain:
Gas Interlocks

The failure of a commercial catering kitchen ventilation system represents a serious health and safety issue. Certain cooking equipment can potentially generate a high output of waste flue gases which are dangerous when inhaled and also combustible.

Gas Safety Check For Commercial Kitchens (Certificate)

It is a legal requirement to have your commercial kitchen inspected and gas safety checked annually.


Let us provide this service for you.